【Shogi】Value of each piece and the preference when plural pieces are to be captured【Japanese chess】

Hello, everyone. I will write about how to attack the opponent. Before that, we have to understand the value of each piece in Shogi.

The value of each piece

Off course, it is variable depending on the situation of a game, but basically said like next;

玉(king)>飛(rook)>角(bishop)> 金(gold general) > 銀 (silver general)> 桂(knight) > 香(lance)> 歩(pawn)

figure 1; The situation where second move player can capture both first player’s rook by his/her bishop and pawn by his/her pawn.  (The moment first move player can move his/her pieces.)

This means ,for example, if both our rook and pawn are to be captured by our opponent next turn, we should move the rook rather than the pawn to a safe place. (Ex: figure 1)

And maybe you already have noticed, in fig. 1,  the second move player can also capture first player’s bishop by his/her bishop. But the first move player don’t have to worry about it, for he/ she can recapture second player’s bishop by his/her silver general. (like △8八角成▲同銀) A piece like the bishop of first player is called “a tied piece” because it is on the place where his/her other piece can recapture it.

Today’s topic is all! Thank you for reading!


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