Write about shogi, Japanese chess, in English!

Hi, everyone. As written on the title, I will write about shogi, Japanese chess, in English.

There are two reasons why I begin this plan. The first is that I love shogi and want more people all over the world to know about it. Recently, one of my canadian friends began to play it as a result of my introduction, and I hope more and more people begin and learn how to play shogi better. The second reason is my English writing skill. I have to write my master’s degree paper in my uni. in English. So, I need more place to write English.

I will add article about shogi games played by professional shogi player in Japan, tactics in shogi, and so on. If you don’t know the rules of the game(not the picking up strategy by Niel Strauss), you can learn them in this website. 

My English grammer and shogi ability aren’t so good, but I will make effort to do both well.

Thank you.


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