How to play “Shogi Wars”, a shogi, Japanese chess game app on your smartphone.

Hi, I’m isoleucine. Today, I’ll introduce you one of the most famous Shogi, Japanese chess games app in Japan, “Shogi Wars”!

You can play shogi for basically free both on your iOS installed phone and Android smartphone in English. But when you install it on your smartphone, it may be set up in Japanese and you can’t set it up properly, so I’ll tell you how to play it in English!

3 Steps for playing Shogi Wars!

You can play it really easily by doing next steps.

  1. Install “Shogi Wars” in your iTunes store
  2. Change language and display settings
  3. Play!

2nd setting step is a little bit difficult, for the app is initially written in Japanese, but don’t worry. I will explain it with some images.

How to change language into English

1.Launching the app, you will see this picture on your screen.  Tap the button under the “マイページ” and the rightmost. You can change the app’s settings.

2. Next in the settings screen like this, you have to change 2 settings. The first language, and the second, the appearance of pieces.

Counting from upwards, 1st and 6th settings are correspond to them. Select the “English” at 1st one and select the piece written with alphabet at 6th one.

Finally, tap the button written “設定を保存する”. All you have to do in settings are finished!

After it, you can play this app like this in English!

When you want to play Shogi in Japanese traditional style, you can do it by changing appearance of pieces! You can play 3 online games per day for free and there is no regulation for playing with 3 levels of computer.(easy, medium, and hard) When you want to be a strong-player, the most efficient way for it is playing, not reading a book. Try and enjoy the game! Thank you for reading.

将棋ウォーズ【日本将棋連盟公認】 究極のオンライン対戦将棋ゲーム

将棋ウォーズ【日本将棋連盟公認】 究極のオンライン対戦将棋ゲーム
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